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Who is Who in Insulin Potentiation Therapy IPT or IPTLD

What are the requirments to be a Certified IPT / IPTLD Doctor.

Safety is the highest priority when performing any procedure on a patient. Donato Perez Garcia, MD., recognizes that there is variability in the types and numbers of procedures performed by IPT trained medical doctors in practice. Medical Doctors who perform any procedure including IPT, must obtain the appropriate training to safely and competently perform that procedure. It is also expected that the medical doctor be thoroughly evaluated and credentialed as competent in performing a procedure before he or she can perform a procedure unsupervised.

Certification of competence of a medical doctor in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT or IPTLD®). So Who Can “Certify” on Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT / IPTLD®?
As of this date the only person who can give someone these credentials is the person who has the most experience on the IPT technique, owns the copyrights of the procedure and this is Donato Perez Garcia,MD. This process needs to be re-examined and re-certified annually to insure that your IPT/IPTLD® skills are current.

"Certificating" is a term used to denote the issuance of a document attesting that the holder has met requirements of codes, standards or specifications. Certificating may be accepted as proof that the holder has met the published requirements. Certification is the written testimony of qualification or the procedures leading to that written testimony. This also means that if you move you may have to recertify all over again.

All professional groups are very clear that your instructor cannot certify you.

Donato Perez Garcia,MD and the Scientific Board of The European Academy for IPT requires documentation that candidates for certification of medical competence in insulin potentiation therapy or IPT, are competent in: (1) patient care and procedural skills, (2) medical knowledge, (3) practice-based learning and improvement, (4) interpersonal and communication skills, (5) professionalism and (6) systems-based practice.

For Certification in insulin potentiation therapy or IPT, Donato Perez Garcia,MD and the Scientific Board of The European Academy for IPT has identified a limited set of procedures for which it expects all candidates to be competent with regard to their knowledge and understanding. This includes (1) demonstration of competence in medical knowledge relevant to insulin potentiation therapy or IPT/IPTLD® through the candidate's ability to explain indications, contraindications, patient preparation methods, chemotherapy and non chemotherapy drug indications and side effects, pain management, proper techniques for handling specimens and fluids obtained, and test results (2) ability to recognize and manage complications and (3) ability to clearly explain to a patient all facets of the procedure necessary to obtain informed consent.  
When it comes to Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT or IPTLD® the medical technique was invented by my grandfather, continued and improved by my father and myself. When it comes to the teaching of the technique, the materials, the copyright and intellectual property, those are held by myself / the legacy of the family.

When you were trained in the IPT technique, you were required to follow guidelines. No one should take off with information and then use it the way they see best, disregarding the recommendations which were taught.

I welcome your comments, ideas, and thoughts. I ask this from every physician. However I do not ask that everyone claims IPT to be their own. That was never the intention of any member of the Donato legacy. Our intention is to move forward with the betterment as a whole and I only ask a listening ear and respect during the process.

Of course a doctor can continue to use the letters IPT. However, if they claim to use the trademarked protocol, use the papers and the information available in magazines and books, it must be understand that there are administration rules to follow as Dr Donato Perez teaches and practices. If guidelines are not followed, where is the support for the technique being used? Yes, I hold the legal rights, copyright and manual to IPT / IPTLD®. This is not to say I hold nor want to claim the right to all future advancements.

The IPT technique has been in use since 1930.  Many substances and delivery methods have been tested since that date, some did not produce the expected, or better, results and today what we must do is adhere to a standard protocol. Then we can give information about what substances are best combined, in what time frame; what is best to use and best not to use.

If someone chooses to open their own school about IPT, I ask that they do not use my name, my family name and/or references to the name.  Many long hours and hard work is behind this work; this requires respect and honor.

I thank and support those physicians who choose excellence in the care of protocols and standards.

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1. I certify that my license (medical / osteopathic / naturopathic/ veterinary medicine / RN / ARNP) permits me to practice the IPT/IPTLD® procedure in my local jurisdiction.

2. Insulin Potentiation Therapy +Targeted Low Dose (IPT/IPTLD®) is a trademark of Dr. Donato Pérez García and patented process (U.S. patent number 4,971,951). The patent holders are Dr. Donato Pérez García and Steven Ayre, M.D.(1945-2013) and shall always give credit for the discovery of IPT/IPTLD® to Dr. Donato Pérez García (1) {1896-1971}.

3.My completion of the IPT/IPTLD® training course grants me a restricted license without royalty to practice and administer the protocol of IPT/IPTLD® in my own medical/osteopathic/naturopathic practice and will allow my name and information to be added to the listing of certified IPT/IPTLD® practitioners on the official international IPT/IPTLD® professional websites of Donato Pérez García, M.D. and, upon payment of fees to the site and/or official IPT/IPTLD® organization.

4.I shall not organize or build another website with the intention to compete with and, in its role as the official IPT/IPTLD® websites, particularly its listings of all certified IPT/IPTLD® practitioners and instructors. My website(s) and printed materials about IPT/IPTLD® shall always have a clear and obvious link or reference to and as a source for more information about IPT/IPTLD®.

5. I shall not organize any independent IPT/IPTLD® medical association, IPT/IPTLD® training courses or workshops.

 6. I may provide non-practical information to patients, health professionals and others necessary to attract patients and referrals.

7. I shall not disseminate practical information, teach, or provide any literature or information to any other health professional under any circumstances except as described below.

8. I may instruct my nurse(s) on proper medical administration of IPT/IPTLD® and another medical professional who is covering for me, the necessary information to competently administer the therapy in my absence. Such individual, even an associate of mine, must sign a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement with me stating that he/she shall not practice IPT/IPTLD® outside my office unless he/she attends a proper training course in the therapy approved by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia. My permission to state that I am an IPT/IPTLD® practitioner "as taught by Dr. Donato Pérez García", may be suspended or revoked by Dr. Donato Pérez García, or their assigns, if I violate any of the provisions of this agreement.

 9. I will submit case reports with follow-up for some IPT/IPTLD® patients to Dr. Perez Garcia and his authorized IPT/IPTLD® Case Registry.

10. I shall be financially responsible to Dr. Pérez García for any violations by me of this agreement. Any alleged violations shall be subject to prior written notification and opportunity to respond.

11. Failure to comply with the terms of this License agreement will result in cancellation of your license to use and administer IPT/IPTLD® as well as the removal of your name from the official listing of practitioners.